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22nd October 2012

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What’s with all the same-edit twin babbies this last time around?

I am rather glad to know I was not the only person to have noticed this.

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22nd October 2012

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If I was a breeding artist, I would NEVER want to get a breeding for Eclipse and Umber. Basically every baby they get is hatched and put up for sale seconds later. You can rarely make them happy I guess.

Sure, I get it, breeding for profit, whatever. But EVERY baby I have seen them hatch lately, immediately put up for sale.

I can’t even imagine how some of the artists feel to see something they put time into sold immediately without a second thought.

It’s kinda sad.

Sounds like they have a pretty good idea on how to turn a nice profit on the site, tbh, whether or not it’s actually something you like. You also may want to actually take a look in their lair (I am going to assume you didn’t considering the inaccuracy within this AC post already).. while they do sell many babies they actually do keep many as well. I looked and even counted for you: There is at least twenty-one kept within the breedings they’ve received back in the last month and a half.

However I personally know that a number of the breedings lately were because of disappointment. Have you actually seen some of those recent babies? I wouldn’t keep them if I’ve had to touch them with a ten foot pole. BC babies with next to no edits, and a very poorly done edit shared between the two, LBCs that not only looked as if they didn’t use the psds that had been sent in with how choppy and horrible the edits had looked but that the artist for them didn’t know how to work with color at all.

I can’t speak for Eclipse, considering I do not speak to her, but Umber has lately been breeding, especially melos, not for a profit but for bases to use for future characters. If she does not like a baby and it’s something she is capable of freely selling then why should she not go and sell it?

And let us face it… it is not as if the artists are doing babies out of the kindness of their own hearts for free, they too are earning a profit off of each baby or list they do and turn in. Upon accepting that job they do need to understand that there are people who breed for profit and there are people who will indeed be disappointed and sell the babies done for them. They also need to realize that some people are a considerable more difficult to please then other people.. and some people who do believe that there should be a set quality all across the board, and who will not accept something they view could have been done better. (Disclaimer: I am not saying that all breeding artists do this. Most of the breeding artists I have met and spoken with had been nothing short of lovely, even with breedings, however if there are some who indeed have these issues they do need to accept and understand these things.)

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30th August 2012

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I wish those good colorists such as Skitty, Nyoko, Johnny, Suki, etc would color all the PSDs I have been hoarding or at least sell more metal designs, I want them all!!

I have so much love for Johnny’s work. I really wish he’d take coloring commissions sometime.

16th August 2012

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So, they’re still pretty fucked up, and it’s beyond leaving a sour taste at this point.

I have LBC and MBC breedings, that have been waiting so long, that site artist bred pairs, have come in that have been waiting less time.

I just happened to be watching welcome back last night though, and got…

Have you send in the pet’s psds to the email and was your subject right? This is required, otherwise your predictions will not be handled. I sent in an LBC breeding with predicts and got response after.. 2 weeks or so? I sent an MBC around the same time and that one is still in queue, so I think that queue is longer/handles less frequently…

I got back quite a few sets without sending PSDs in, so that’s not even necessary. owo

I’ve received several sets back myself before I’ve even had the chance to send the PSDs for the breedings in, so this statement is validated. Furthermore, it does not seem as if the predict staff are fixing minor errors themselves as the news post a while ago stated would begin.

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6th August 2012

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Slash, please go away. You have no idea what you are even talking about. You are going to destroy Aywas. Please just go away again.

23rd June 2012

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Really now.


When staff makes a mistake they seriously need to grow a freakin’ pair, own up to their own damn mistake, and do what is necessary to fix it. Quit with the bullshit excuses and the attempts to cover your ass, especially when proof was directly given over the circumstances. If there is an interior problem with communication between the members of the staff team then you know what? FIX IT. Seriously it’s not remotely as difficult as it sounds.

While I know this was not written by the user this recently happened to upon seeing that particular conversation (as have many by this point I am aware) I have to agree with this confession completely. The staff poorly addressed the problem, nearly outright accused it of being the user’s error when the user had done what another member of staff had told her (and, let’s be honest, have told most other people when it comes to that particular situation when there have been questions on it) and subtly implied it was the user’s error other times. Not only that they undermined the word of not only another member on the site’s collective staff but that of an admin.

I do firmly feel that those staff involved need to send the user a genuine apology for the unprofessional behavior that had been rather directly shown to them, as well as for the mistake they did indeed made. This is not the first time such insistence within staff have popped up (I know directly myself, another such has happened to me within the past concerning a staff member who is no longer on staff), however it is something that do need to be worked towards not popping up, because it only facilitates a growing lack of trust between the members of staff and the users on the site.

10th June 2012

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Explore VS Adventure


Explore is so laggy, it’s so boring!! All I do is click! All the battles are just clicking my mouse! Can’t we have something cooler!

Adventure, Oh this is so much better! Oh sure it’s laggy and all I’m doing is clicking my mouse but it’s soo cool! 

What the fuck! 

I too find Adventure to be much laggier then Explore. This argument has always made little sense to me aside from the fact that Adventure is more ‘shiny’ and new compared to Explore, but I guess that, of course, everyone is entitled their opinions on the subject at hand.

26th May 2012

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Aywas Confessions: Thou shalt do the commissions others paid you for and make sure they... →


Thou shalt do the commissions others paid you for and make sure they are done on time.

Thou shalt not be busy playing games on other sites, dating, idling or drawing your own things.

Thou shalt keep to your promise and not take advantages of your friends.

Thou shalt do your best for each…

23rd May 2012

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Someone’s most assuredly hungry tonight.

Someone’s most assuredly hungry tonight.

23rd May 2012

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Aywas Confessions: You do know what they say about assumptions, right? →



Is it sad that it amuses me when people immediately assume mini-rants (or heck, even individual rant threads) are about them (this is going in the situations, and there are many, when they are actually not) and then react defensively and/or hostile and/or bitchy, whether or not it’s in public or…

 I kind of like going through minirants and aggressive rant threads pretending they’re about me. It adds a little spice to my everyday life and helps me come up with some witty comebacks and remarks for arguments I do end up getting in (which isn’t many really, since I try to be pretty chill with everyone on site). I have a feeling that’s not what this confession was about but, uh. There you have it. 8D A day in the life of Zephy.

Not at all, Zephy. I was meaning the many, many ones who happen to actually go through them and take them seriously as it being about them when they are truthfully not. (Though it does sound interesting your own viewpoint on the matter. Thank you for sharing it with me.)

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